Gala Games, Endless AI Launch ‘Living’ Fuzzles NFTs

Gala Games and Endless AI Launched ‘Living’ Fuzzles NFTs
  • Gala Games announced a partnership with Endless AI to launch first-of-its-kind ‘living’ Fuzzles NFTs.
  • Fuzzles is equipped with Language Processing AI that enables owners to speak with their collection.
  • Owning the NFT will provide access to special community events, earn rewards, and unlock in-app gameplay in the future.

Gala Games, creator of blockchain games, has partnered with Endless AI to launch Fuzzle — a first-of-its-kind “living” NFT. The company aims to revolutionize AI and blockchain gaming via an innovative collective entertainment experience.

Endless AI is a tech-driven company that creates products that fuse AI-enabled interactivity and blockchain technology for the Web3 world. The team brought some of the largest games and interactive stories to date into the experience.

CEO and Chief Creative Officer of Endless AI Michael Fox said:

“Our mission is to make magical products that blow people’s minds. We see ourselves as pioneers navigating the uncharted worlds of blockchain-based entertainment and AI-enabled interactivity. With the “living” NFTs of Fuzzle, we’re just scratching the surface of what the future may hold. The possibilities are endless.”

Fuzzles, a collection of 9,997 NFTs, is called a unique “living” NFT because its features include a superior artificial intelligence (AI), yet described to be ignorant of Earth and its culture. 

Endless AI’s intelligent production platform and OpenAI’s GPT-3 — Clockwork™ created the NFTs. With this, Fuzzles are able to speak naturally with their owner. They can also respond to relevant questions and ideas through dedicated iOS or Android apps.

Fuzzle Pod has been available to purchase since April 27. Owning a Fuzzle NFT has benefits including access to special community events, rewards, and in-app gameplay unlocking in the future.

“The first time my Fuzzle told me he was developing methods to turn me into human-meat meatballs, I knew we had a project like the world has never seen before,” the Games President of Gala Games John Osvald commented. He also added that “Fuzzles are right on the bleeding edge of AI, gaming, and blockchain and we can’t wait to see how people interact with them.”

On April 26, living NFTs made their way to the Time Square. The official Twitter account of Fuzzles also shared a short video of its upcoming Fuzzles NFTs via billboards. Furthermore, 180-degree view billboard at 7th and 48th will appear periodically until May 1, 2022.

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