FTX (FTT) Price Prediction 2022: Is $60 EOY Price Possible?

FTX (FTT) Price Prediction 2022: Is $60 EOY Price Possible?

Important: This FTX (FTT) price prediction 2022 is purely based on the writer’s knowledge in technical analysis alone. Price analysis articles of other platforms may use different technical analysis signals and indicators that may influence their FTX (FTT) price forecast outcome differently. Hence, we strongly suggest doing your own research before buying FTT.

FTX (FTT) continues to be one of the most talked about cryptocurrency networks in the space. Its CEO Sam Bankman-Fried’s generous approach to supporting various charities across the globe is a factor to consider in the rising fame of the network. 

Despite the wild swings of the crypto market, FTX maintains its position within the top 30 digital assets in the ranking provided by Coingecko. At the time of writing, FTX trades at a decent price of more than $20 per token.

What Important Things Do You Need To Know About FTX (FTT) Before Investing? (Explained Like You’re Five)

Firstly, you should know that FTX (FTT) is the native token of the FTX exchange. It is an ERC20 token that utilizes the Ethereum blockchain. All traders and investors holding the FTT tokens can take advantage of the benefits it possesses. For example, the FTT token charges fewer trading fees. When users pay for their trades, traders are given a discount on the fees charged. 

Additionally, users that hold FTT tokens are given the privilege to vote on new listing proposals and much more.

The FTT tokens are supported by the FTX exchange. To maintain its value, the FTX exchange repurchase and burns its tokens. In detail, the exchange purchases FTX tokens with 33% of the trading fees generated on the platform. This includes 10% of the backstop fund and 5% of miscellaneous fees.

The exchange itself on the other hand supports maintaining its reputation as one of the trusted exchanges in the industry. In the ranking made by Coingecko, the FTX exchange ranks second when it comes to the most frequently visited crypto exchange in the market. The platform supports over 300 tokens with nearly 500 pairs. 

Source: Bloomberg

FTX is also known to be aggressive in terms of merging and acquiring various crypto firms. The recent merging is made between FTX and the crypto brokerage firm – Voyager Digital. In this event, it is said that FTX won the bid against other crypto exchange firms like Binance.

The charities that the FTX exchange supports are:

  • Effective altruism

Effective altruism is a research field and practical community that aims to find the best ways to help others, and put them into practice.

  • GiveWell

GiveWell is a nonprofit dedicated to finding outstanding giving opportunities and publishing the full details of our analysis to help donors decide where to give.

  • The Humane League

The Humane League is an organization that is established to end the abuse of animals.

FTX (FTT) Overview (At the time of writing)

CryptocurrencyFTX (FTT)
Market Capitalization$3,255,706,799
Total Supply329,487,431
Trading Volume$50,012,485
All-Time High$84.18
All-Time Low$1.15

FTX (FTT) Price Prediction 2022 to 2026: Will FTT make you rich if you invest now?

Source: TradingView

FTT is one of the most reliable altcoins that you can find in the crypto space. As seen in the 1-day chart above, FTT continues to move away from its support level of $22.36. If this goes on, FTT may break its $25.18 resistance level, an event favored by traders holding the tokens. 

Additionally, the FTT maintains its position within the Arnaud Legoux Moving Average (ALMA), a bullish indicator. The indicator suggests that FTT is on the right track and if this performance persists in the following weeks, FTT may smash the trading price of $30 and move all the way to $40 or $50. 

Source: TradingView

Meanwhile, Meanwhile, the Relative Strength Index (RSI) of FTT states that it is still safe to buy. The RSI of FTT is at 45.97, a position within the 70-30 level. In detail, if the position of FTT resides within the 70-30 level, the crypto is considered not overbought nor oversold. This means traders can still do trading activities without fearing any major price breakout. 

However, if FTT goes beyond level 70 or 30, it will be a different story. FTT price might plunge. In this case, it is recommended that traders practice trading with caution to avoid losses that cannot be reverted.

Source: TradingView

The Moving average convergence divergence (MACD) was seen to perform a bullish crossover in the past few days. This means that scalp and day traders can still expect more uptrend activity in the remaining days. However, if the MACD of the FTX crypto will begin to show a downward direction toward the signal indicator, traders must trade with caution. In short, they must protect their assets from a possible price breakout.  

To answer the question, will FTX make you rich?

It depends on how much you trust the project and how much you are willing to invest in the project. If you trust the project and have already done your assignment, you can buy now and take advantage of the bearish market. Then, patiently wait for the right price and sell it. 

However, at the end of the day, it’s all a risk. No one knows the direction of the bullish market. Having said that, it is still safe to follow or respect the rules of your indicator to protect yourself from the market’s volatility.

Other Market Prediction for FTX (FTT) in 2022


Digitalcoin is one of the trusted names in the crypto world, as the firm claims. This is because it has already established accurate cryptanalysis and the latest news stories over time. For this reason, the 2022 forecast of Digitalcoin for FTT amounts to $29.90.

Wallet Investor

By using their latest technical analysis, the platform updates its network prices and predictions every three minutes. For this reason, the forecast of Wallet Investor in the first quarter of 2023 for FTX amounts to $16.64.

Market Prediction for FTT Price 2023, 2024, 2025, and 2026

FTT price prediction 2023 is up to $58.05 (estimated)

FTX price prediction 2024 is up to $82.39 (estimated)

FTT price prediction 2025 is up to $105.98 (estimated)

FTX price prediction 2026 is up to $91.01 (estimated)


FTT continues to gain popularity among traders and investors in the crypto space. Therefore, the conclusion for the FTT price prediction in 2022 amounts to over $50. However, this forecast still depends on how the market will treat FTT in the future.

Key Takeaways

  • FTT token is supported by the FTX exchange. 
  • The FTX token is an ERC20 that uses the Ethereum blockchain.
  • FTT token may reach $50 before the year 2022 ends if it maintains its current performance. 
  • FTX exchange beat Binance in a bid over the brokerage firm – Voyager digital.
  • Investors and traders holding the FTT tokens can enjoy many benefits in the FTX exchange.


Is FTT a good investment?

FTT is one of the leading altcoins in the market with strong support from the prominent exchange – FTX. With the growing popularity of the platform in trading and crypto-related services, FTT as its native token provides boundless benefits to all its holders. The use case of the altcoin can be proof to consider if you are looking for a steady and reliable investment.

Will FTT prices go up?

The price status of FTT depends on many different factors, one of which is the current market situation. If FTT is able to invite more traders and stakers to the platform, there is a big chance that the price of FTT will go higher.

Why is FTT going down?

The crypto market is very unpredictable due to volatility. Any crypto in the space cannot evade these wild market swings of the market. One factor to consider is the massive dumping of tokens made by the whales in the FTT network, an event that is uncontrollable.

How to buy FTT?

The FTT crypto is one of the most iconic projects in the space. The FTX exchange is one of the famous crypto exchanges supporting FTT crypto.

Is FTT Crypto?

Yes, FTT is a crypto that uses blockchain technology.

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