Ethereum’s Vitalik Buterin Urges Masses to Embrace Crypto Payments

  • Co-Founder of Ethereum says cryptocurrency payments are the best option.
  • Vitalik Buterin emphasizes just how crypto payment options can help the world progress.
  • He even expresses how crypto payments could help within a nation’s borders.

Co-Founder of Ethereum — Vitalik Buterin, addresses the power that cryptocurrencies hold on Twitter. In particular, he talks about what cryptocurrencies offer to the public and the world and how unfortunate it is that many still do not realize their potential.

As we can see from the tweet above, Vitalik Buterin says that people still continue to underrate cryptocurrency payments. Specifically, he says that they are superior in many ways and can help in various scenarios. 

For instance, he highlights how crypto payments can help prevent censorship resistance. More importantly, he says crypto payments are just simply much more convenient than any other forms of payment that were available to the public.

Besides simple payment transactions, crypto payments can also help in other situations. For example, it can give a huge boost to international business. Any business can seek help outside its national borders and receive instant funds in the form of cryptocurrencies. 

Similarly, crypto payments can also help in gaining international donations. In fact, charities have already received anonymous donations in the form of crypto assets from all over the world. One of the best case studies can be found in the Ukraine-Russia war when the world helped Ukraine fund its defence and retaliation to Russia’s attacks.  

Vitalik Buterin says that it is not only international payments that can make a huge difference. He says that sometimes even payments within countries can thrive with crypto payments. Ever since El Salvador made Bitcoin a legal tender, they have made great progress. To name a few, El Salvador opened a pet hospital with the funds it earned from Bitcoin gains. The nation is also powering its Bitcoin miners with the geothermal energy of its volcanoes. El Salvador even built and revamped its own Bitcoin wallet ‘Chivo’ to help its citizens adopt the asset faster.

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