EOS Is Independent With Consensus Upgrade to Antelope 3.1

  • The EOS platform will transition to being a more decentralized platform.
  • This upgrade is for the open future and not for individuals.
  • The Antelope framework offers the EOS community a new direction in the way the network is run.

On September 21, the EOS community declared its independence, irreversibly altering the course of the platform. With a consensus update to Antelope Leap 3.1, the EOS platform will afterward become more decentralized.

The EOS Network Foundation’s CEO, Yves La Rose, said that the network’s code will now be made available. We release the code, he said, “not for a select few, but for an open future, founded on open-source principles.” The community’s goal of creating a robust public blockchain network will be embodied in the new code.

The EOS community will thus start the process of moving the EOS platform to the recently created Antelope framework. This is an open framework that activates the full potential of a community and decentralized network. 

The EOS community now has a new path for how the network is managed thanks to the Antelope framework. As a result, it represents an important turning point for the EOS blockchain’s maturity and governance.

Today marks the arduous climax of our work to guarantee the EOS blockchain’s independence. The ENF has been able to advance without hindrance in our goal of providing value to the EOS Network because of the EOS Block Producers’ faith, support, and technical skill. Our code is now stable thanks to the many devoted programmers and project managers that banded together and organized this enormous feat of engineering

EOS`s Yves La Rose

EOSIO code was initially used by the EOS Network. This code’s maintainer created EOSIO 2.1 and an EOSIO 2.2 release candidate. For some public networks that used the code, the changes were thought to be detrimental.

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