Dev Release 68 Reveals UTXO Integration Details! BDAG Coin’s Value Rockets 1300% as Dashboard Shines

BlockDAG's X1 Application Miner Advances and Keynote Updates

BlockDAG’s Dev Release 68 showcases significant UTXO integration developments, providing detailed insights into the project’s technical advancements. The BlockDAG community is also excited about reaching a new milestone in dashboard enhancements, which is contributing to the rapid progression of the presale. With BDAG’s value surging by 1300% from batch 1 to batch 19, BlockDAG is solidifying its place as a prominent player in the blockchain ecosystem. Moreover, BlockDAG’s $2 million mega giveaway is also generating significant interest, with just 35 days remaining for the winners’ announcement.

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BlockDAG’s Dashboard Enhancements Boost Presale Momentum

The BlockDAG dashboard offers users a seamless and insightful experience. Upon entry, it promptly updates users with the latest trending news, ensuring they are informed about critical updates. It features a rank-checking tool to help users track their current status and plan their investments strategically.

The referral screen tracks purchases made through users’ referral links and bonuses earned, encouraging community growth through referrals. The leaderboard, with categories from Crabs to Whales, showcases the top 30 investors in the BlockDAG presale while the transactions page provides detailed records of user transactions, updated in real-time by investment tiers.

To enhance community engagement, BlockDAG launched a $2 million giveaway for its loyal supporters. Participants are required to follow BlockDAG on social media, submit wallet addresses, complete quests, and refer friends for extra entries. With 35 days left until winners are announced, early engagement improves winning chances.

BlockDAG’s robust ecosystem and inclusive approach attract investors, which is evident in its presale growth from $0.001 in Batch 1 to $0.014 in Batch 19 – a staggering 1300% increase in value. The project raised $56.9 million from over 12 billion BDAG coins and $3.6 million from 8,700+ miner sales, highlighting its potential as a promising investment opportunity driven by community support.

Dev Release 68 Enhances Network’s Versatility, Security & Efficiency

Dev Release 68 offers comprehensive details on Blockchain development. The main focus is on integrating UTXO (Unspent Transaction Output) and account-based address models within BlockDAG’s blockchain framework. This dual support enhances the network’s versatility, security, and efficiency, catering to various applications from simple payments to complex smart contracts.

The UTXO model provides high security and allows for parallel transaction processing, while the account-based model simplifies transaction logic and supports smart contract functionality. By integrating both models, BlockDAG ensures precise control over transaction inputs and outputs, reduces computational overhead, and enhances the network’s scalability and efficiency. These updates position BlockDAG as a robust and flexible blockchain solution.

To ensure seamless integration, BlockDAG’s team has updated the consensus mechanism to handle both UTXO and account-based transactions. This includes validating transaction types, updating state changes, and maintaining consistency across the DAG structure. These developments have led to excitement about the potential of supporting both UTXO and account-based models.

In addition to UTXO developments, significant progress was made on the blockchain explorer. The team successfully developed and deployed the faucet page on their server, followed by thorough platform testing to ensure robustness and reliability. The Dev Release also revealed that the team is addressing queries from Apple, as it submitted the latest build of the X1 Miner application for review, awaiting approval. These technical strides reflect BlockDAG’s commitment to maintaining a reliable and efficient blockchain network.


BlockDAG’s remarkable progress and significant advancements underscore its potential to revolutionize the blockchain industry. Dev Release 68 highlights crucial developments, notably the detailed UTXO integration. BlockDAG’s substantial dashboard enhancements and a generous $2M giveaway contribute to its successful presale. BDAG coin prices are expected to soar to $0.015 in the next Batch 20, adding fuel to the growing presale, with $56.9 million under its belt and a growth of 1300% since Batch 1. BlockDAG is set to attract significant crypto investments, with commitments to stability, scalability, speed, and security at the heart of its development.

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