Current Bear Market Could Be Best and Last Chance to Buy

  • One investor says now is the ebay time to buy crypto assets. 
  • They remember what previous dips were like and how they preceded massive bull runs.
  • Many are buying every month as they await the bull run.

The last few months have been more than challenging for the crypto market and the crypto community is looking everywhere for signs of hope. The overall sentiment seems to be to buy the super dip, but is the super dip truly here

According to a discussion on the CryptoCurrency thread on Reddit, one user advises the crypto community to buy what they feel they can afford to lose. The user remembers the last dip and the massive bull run that followed it. Many expect history to repeat itself. 

In detail, the user says that many are looking for bullish hope within the bear market. He says the surface sentiment shows how many are hoping to see crypto prices moon before they start investing in the cryptos again. 

The user says this is the wrong way to view the market and that it should be the other way around. Firstly, they highlight that this is likely the ‘BEST time to buy’. Then, the user goes on to say that one should never invest what they cannot afford to lose. 

The post goes on to say how sad it is to see how many are discouraged with a little dip after investing. After all, they say that in the long run, a few years down the lane, Bitcoin (BTC) and other cryptos will most definitely go up. 

Now is the time to invest because prices are ridiculously low and no one should miss out on the opportunity. Back when Bitcoin was worth just a few dollars, even putting in $10 would have gotten them set for life. Bitcoin and crypto assets are still in their early phases and it is not too late to invest. 

Lastly, the post mentions how most people only tend to invest when the price starts going up due to FOMO. Instead, investors should be greedy and put in whatever little they can now before the price finally shoots back up. 

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