• Currency.com collaborates with the Chamber of Digital Commerce
  • The partnership expected to surge the mass adoption of crypto assets in the exchange

Currency.com exchange officially announces its collaboration with the Chamber of Digital Commerce, an American advocacy group that promotes the emerging industry behind blockchain technology,

This partnership will help Currency.com promote the adoption of digital assets with the support of key policymakers and regulators. This collaboration is expected to create a supportive environment to allow the innovation and growth of digital assets around the world.

Currency.com is bolstered by blockchain technology to provide investors a safe platform to buy, trade, and invest in cryptocurrencies via crypto and fiat currencies. Furthermore, the platform has robust risk management controls, and transparent pricing to ensure the user experience of its users in the exchange.

Steve Gregory, CEO of Currency.com explained,

At Currency.com, we are committed to ensuring a safe and transparent environment for our clients to buy, store and invest in cryptocurrencies. As cryptocurrencies and digital assets grow more mainstream and become increasingly available to both institutions and the retail community, it is important that we work closely with global regulators to help build trust and acceptance of this burgeoning asset class.  We are honoured to be part of the Chamber of Digital Commerce and to do our bit to build a strong and reputable environment for cryptocurrencies .

On the other hand, the team of Currency.com is looking forward to working with the other members of the trade organization to find a solution to the challenges faced by the exchange. 

Perianne Boring, Founder & President of the Chamber of Digital Commerce said,

“We are delighted to welcome Currency.com to the Chamber of Digital Commerce and our community of innovators whose efforts highlight the benefits for investors in digital tokens and the blockchain technology. The company’s impressive growth highlights the adoption and demand in the digital asset marketplace, and the Chamber looks forward to Currency.com joining our ranks and engaging with policymakers to develop a regulatory framework that engenders clarity and certainty for the widespread adoption of digital assets.”

In other news, leading crypto exchange OKEx has announced its rebranding to OKX. Likewise, the exchange’s official all-in-one website will now relocate to okx.com.

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