Crypto Hack Targets Solana, Drains Over 7,000 Wallets

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  • The Solana network underwent a brutal crypto hack.
  • It drained over 7,000 wallets with over $6 million siphoned.
  • Community leaders share their thoughts on Twitter to engage the masses.

It does not look good for the web3 and crypto sector at the moment. The last few hours in particular saw the Solana network become a victim of a multi-million dollar hack. Indeed a devastating attack as over 7,000 wallets got drained. 

In detail, the hacker drained around $6 million by raiding 20 wallets per minute. At the moment, the details are still unclear to many as the attack happened quite recently and the network is still trying to get a handle on the situation. 

Amidst the chaos, the Founder and CEO of Ava Labs — Emin Gün Sirer, took to Twitter to address the masses. He informed the crypto community in a lengthy thread to explain what we know about the situation. 

As we can see from the lead Tweet above, Sirer begins by mentioning the amount of wallets that were affected and how many continue to fall victim to the attack. He then expresses his empathy towards the Solana community and stresses how attacks such as this affects the whole crypto space and not just one community. 

One possible explanation for the attack could be that the hacker got access to users’ private keys. Sirer says this could have happened via a ‘supply chain attack’. He recalls how IOTA went through a similar attack and barely recovered from it. 

He concludes by saying hardware wallets and CEXs seem unaffected so far and hopes that the Solana network and community can recover quickly. Responses to the thread show similar sentiments. 

Meanwhile, some replies take the opportunity to point out how this can never happen with Bitcoin and that makes the pioneer digital currency better than all the rest. Suffice to say, the crypto realm has had a hard week, just yesterday Nomad Token Bridge was drained of nearly $200 million.

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