Crypto Fans Accept the Ultimate Sacrifice for Free Crypto

Bitcoin and Crypto Users To Reach 1 Billion by 2030
  • The crypto community is ready to sacrifice years of their lives for free crypto.
  • Specifically, many are ready to give up 5 years of their lives in exchange for crypto.
  • In particular, they will trade 5 years for 100 BTC and 100 ETH.

Looks like FOMO is rising in the crypto space, or rather, many are finally beginning to see an inevitable rise of crypto in the future. One such situation that contributes to this is a recent discussion on Reddit. 

In particular, Reddit’s CryptoCurrency thread shows an interesting conversation that draws light to how much value traders and investors see in cryptocurrencies. Specifically, they reveal the value they see for the top two most valued cryptocurrencies — Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH).  

In detail, the conversation sparks an insightful conversation about what traders and investors will give up in exchange for a large chunk of BTC and ETH. For instance, the user who began the conversation asks what one would sacrifice for these assets. 

To highlight, the user asks if anyone would be willing to sacrifice five years of their lives in exchange for 100 Bitcoin (BTC) and 100 Ethereum (ETH). The user goes into detail and explains how this would work. 

For starters, the user proposes a trade off. For those who are willing, would they agree to be put to sleep for 5 years only to wake up and get their promised 100 BTC and 100 ETH? More so, the user adds that by then, the value of Bitcoin (BTC) will be $300,000 and the value of Ethereum (ETH) will be $65,000. 

Adding on to this train of thought, the user answers that they want to say they would agree to the trade but the possibility of losing loved ones during their time away makes them reluctant to accept the offer. Instead, the user is eager to see what the community thinks of this challenge. 

In response, many say they don’t have much going on and wouldn’t mind taking the deal. Others say it will be worth it to get 100 BTC and 100 ETH without actually having to buy the assets. All in all, most of the crypto community see this trade as an absolute win.  

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