Critics Face the Media for Whitewashing SBF`s Actions

  • The media has faced critics for whitewashing SBF`s actions.
  • A Reddit user gave examples of these media platforms.
  • The allegations demonstrate that SBF has connections to media companies

A Reddit user claimed that the media has been in a full-time job to whitewash the activities of SBF and the company. This is allegedly true since many non-crypto users are unaware of the exact scam that SBF, FTX, and Alameda Research were engaged in.

The Reddit user gave examples of some of the few publications from high-level media outlets people trust to show them the truth. According to him, these post articles are doing nothing else but show SBFs actions in a good light.

For instance, the above post highlights SBF`s extensive lobbying efforts which according to them were for “pandemic prevention“. Without much said, the headline of the Reuters article is already trying to really make a billion-dollar scam to fill his own pockets look like a “favor “.

Caroline Ellison, the co-CEO of Alameda Research, is also being positively praised by Forbes. Notably, there are already numerous films that demonstrate how gravely she handled her position. 

She is portrayed by Forbes as a “risk-loving” individual and a “math genius.” In contrast to Forbes, this “risk-loving” individual gambled and lost all the money belonging to millions of people worldwide.

The Redditor continues, “It’s obvious that SBF must have bribed the media to produce such “shill-articles” about him and his businesses. He contends that the public can no longer rely on the largest media organizations to report the plain facts about a story that worsened the lives of millions of people.

But according to the crypto community, SBF is currently receiving considerable appreciation, particularly for his political donations. This demonstrates that SBF has connections or at least some way. Because they believe he lacks support for his statements, some commentators have gone contrary to the original source.

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