Cardano Will Go Mainstream Along With Bitcoin and Ethereum

Cardano Will Go Mainstream Along With Bitcoin and Ethereum
  • Morningstar’s strategist shares her opinion on Cardano (ADA).
  • She says the crypto could go mainstream much like Bitcoin and Ethereum.
  • Cardano has much to offer and is a growing interest for institutional investors.

Cardano (ADA) hodlers are a community that greatly believes in the potential and success behind the technology. It seems that mainstream investing companies agree with this. In fact, Morningstar’s strategist says that Cardano will become mainstream crypto much like Bitcoin (BTC) and Ether (ETH). 

Amy Arnott — one of the advisory investing company’s strategist and portfolio manager, shares her view on Cardano during a discussion with Business Insider last week. Here, she makes a bold statement. She said that together — Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Cardano will most likely form a ‘big three’ when it comes to mainstream cryptos. 

In detail, she says that Cardano’s blockchain has much to offer. The possibilities in technological applications are piquing the interest of many traders and investors. Specifically, it is beginning to catch the attention of institutional investors as well. 

In comparison to Ethereum’s blockchain, Arnott says Cardano may seem similar in the fact that it is a protocol with high potential. However, Ether showcases extreme volatility and therefore, tends to lose more investors. More so, Cardano generates cash flow, unlike Bitcoin. 

Next, she highlights how crypto adoption is growing rapidly in terms of institutional interest. She even drew light to the fact that the SEC and other regulators are checking in on the regulation surrounding cryptos. It would be challenging if governments around the world will begin to march on mainstream cryptos. 

All in all, to be recognized as mainstream crypto, Arnott believes that Cardano has what it takes. This is because the crypto’s performance during this year alone is quite formidable. Despite the recent dip, ADA is up by 600% since its standing at the start of this year. 

This is indeed a very impressive feat. Not to mention, Cardano’s blockchain is constantly working on revolutionary upgrades. The recent Alonzo testnet hard fork is a great example. The network can now process simple smart contracts. With the next upgrades, it can begin to process higher smart contract functionality. 

Finally, the founder of Cardano — Charles Hoskinson, is a very active figure in the crypto industry. He stands as a resolute, ideal leader for a strong community. He even faces the naysayers directly and isn’t afraid to call out the non-believers when needed. Above all, he is excited to show the world what Cardano can do next. 

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