Cardano Draws Flak Over “9 TPS” Post-Vasil Reddit Post

  • Redditors posted snarky comments after a post said that Cardano will have only 9 TPS after the Vasil hard fork.
  • The Vasil hard fork is slated for September 22.
  • More cryptocurrency exchanges are starting to gear up for Vasil.

Cardano became trending on Reddit after someone posted that the said network will finally be able to scale up to 9 transactions per second (TPS) after the Vasil hard fork.

According to data that the original poster claims to have obtained from Charles Hoskinson and Vasil-based testnets, the Cardano network will be able to handle up to 9 transactions per second in specific situations. As per the post, the following calculation shows this:

90 kB block / 0.5 KB transactions / 20 seconds block time = 9 transactions per second when blocks are completely full.

People started making rather sarcastic comments, saying that people should be “proud” of their “9 TPS chain”, referring to Cardano.

‘Bashing’ aside, Vasil hard fork, slated for September 22, will introduce several other improvements to the Cardano network. These include transactions like NFT sell and bids that will have been massively reduced in size and efficiency, clocking in at about 500 bytes per transaction.

IOHK wrote that out of the top 12 crypto exchanges, MEXC and Bitrue are “ready” for the upgrade. Binance is also “nearly there.” Meanwhile, Upbit, Coinbase, WhiteBit, BKEX, and HitBTC are “in progress.”

Following the hard fork, Cardano expects its blockchain to become remarkably scalable, with the ability to handle thousands of TPS. This will make it well-suited for many real-world use cases, from payments to supply chain management.

The Vasil hard fork is named after the late Bulgarian Mathematician Vasil Dabov. Dabov was an active member of the Cardano community before his passing. He was also the Chief Blockchain Advisor of Quanterall, a software R&D company.

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