Cardano CEO Pays Tribute, Shares Vasil Dabov’s Philosophy

Cardano CEO Pays Tribute, Shares Vasil Dabov’s Philosophy
  • Cardano’s CEO, Charles Hoskinson pays homage to Vasil Dabov. 
  • He does so via a live video on Twitter where he talks about the philosophy of Cardano. 
  • Vasil Dabov will forever be immortalised on Cardano and its philosophy.

CEO of Cardano (ADA) — Charles Hoskinson, takes a moment to address the loss of a mentor in the Cardano community. Vasil Dabov was a believer of Cardano and the philosophy of the blockchain. 

To highlight, Hoskinson says that he met Dabov during multiple Cardano events since its inception. As he got to know Vasil, he learnt of his philosophy and how he viewed humanity through a unique lens. 

In detail, Hoskinson points to how Dabov spent most of his life planting trees. He began with the goal of wanting to plant 1,000 trees which then went onto 10,000. Inspired by his dream, Hoskinson spent Cardano’s second anniversary traveling to Bulgaria in September 2019. 

Here, he attended an event with Dabov in his homeland and planted trees with family and friends. Specifically, Hoskinson thought of a Greek proverb — A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in.

Now, Dabov is gone and he cannot sit under the shades of the trees he planted. However, Hoskinson says his spirit will make it. To pay homage to this important figure in Cardano’s journey, Hoskinson is naming the latest hard fork — the Vasil hard fork, in memory of Vasil Dabov. 

The CEO says that by immortalising his name on Cardano, Dabov will be able to see a future that he helped build. Much like the seeds and pods Dabov planted to provide a better future, Cardano aims to build an ecosystem that will last for years and years to come. 

To conclude, Hoskinson highlights how Dabov’s philosophy was very in tune with Cardano’s own. Cardano is planting seeds to create a better future in the long term. Lastly, he encourages listeners to buy seeds or pods of their own. He says “plant trees, take care of it, and watch it grow”.

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