Brave Slams Google for New ‘Anti-Privacy’ Proposal

  • Brave urged the digital community to oppose Google’s new First-Party Sets proposal.
  • According to Brave, this will dramatically reduce privacy barriers between sites.
  • On the other hand, Google argued that First-Party Sets will actually improve privacy.

Brave Software, known for its browser that integrates Basic Attention Token (BAT), slammed Google for its First-Party Sets proposal. According to the former, this new feature will reduce privacy barriers between sites, resulting in user info vulnerability.

According to Brave, this proposal is “both alarming and harmful.”

Brave explained how the First-Party Sets would work. This constitutes a “radical change” in how the Web 2.0 handles user privacy. In detail, the proposal would enable multiple sites to declare themselves as a single website. This is problematic, as per Brave, since the algorithm would allow companies to automatically track persons across sites without proper gatekeeping or user consent.

The crypto-based browser elaborated:

If First-Party Sets becomes widely adopted in Google Chrome, it will become harder for user-respecting browsers to protect their users’ privacy. Chrome’s market dominance means that, over time, other browsers will likely have to implement more and more of First-Party Sets to maintain compatibility with the Web.

In addition, Brave urged every person who is interested in Web privacy to oppose the said proposal.

On the other hand, Google argued that First-Party Sets will actually improve privacy since this will allow them to block third-party cookies. However, Brave pointed out that other browsers have already blocked third-party cookies for years even without the recent proposal.
As to how to oppose Google, Brave offered users to try other browsers (including Brave itself) on top of participating in relevant discussions.

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