BlockDAG Unveils Dev Release 48: X1 Miner App Connectivity Enhanced, Coin Value Soars by 1120%

BlockDAG Releases Update 48: X1 Miner App Enhancements Drive 1120% Value Rise in Presale

BlockDAG’s Dev Release 48 brings critical enhancements to the X1 Miner app, particularly fixing connectivity issues with Coinbase, which ensures flawless data entry and transaction processing. This update, aimed at enriching the user experience, aligns with BlockDAG’s stellar presale achievements. Currently, in Batch 18, the coin’s value has skyrocketed by 1120% from the first batch, highlighting BlockDAG’s commitment to excellence and its impact on the crypto market.

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BlockDAG’s Influence Grows with 30,000x ROI Forecasts

BlockDAG continues to captivate the global crypto community, particularly with its remarkable price growth. The coin’s price in the latest batch is $0.0122, up 1120% from Batch 1, with a previous surge of 1000% in Batch 17. This batch alone saw a 120% increase, and significant milestones like raising over $3 million in a few hours have set predictions for daily earnings up to $5 million. These achievements bolster BlockDAG’s reputation, with investors eyeing a potential 30,000x return on investment, estimating the coin’s future value at $30 by 2030.

BlockDAG’s global presence has been notable, from broadcasting Keynote 2 ‘from the moon’ to unveiling its DAGpaper at Las Vegas’s Sphere. These showcases underline its technological progress and have played a key role in maintaining a successful presale, now exceeding $49.5 million.

Development Release 48 Spotlights User Experience Enhancements

BlockDAG’s 48th Development Release zeroes in on the X1 Miner application, the beta version of which was recently launched, significantly enhancing user experience and performance. This update, shaped by user feedback, tackles several issues to streamline the user interface.

Key updates include fixing the length of phone number inputs and resolving connectivity issues with Coinbase, ensuring precise data entry and fluid transactions. It also restricts multiple OTP requests, enhances active tab visibility for easier navigation, and stabilizes footer navigation for uniform app movement.

Additionally, this release boosts app performance, resulting in quicker loading times and a smoother interface. Enhanced logout functionality promotes a safer and more dependable process, while modifications to the account information tab reflect the current lack of a “Continue with Google” option in Phase 1.

Looking ahead, BlockDAG is preparing to launch an innovative new tool: the Blockchain Explorer. This tool will provide deep insights into the blockchain network, increasing transparency and enhancing transaction monitoring. It will feature detailed information on block specifics, address lookups, network health metrics, and serve as an informative resource for those new to blockchain. This project highlights BlockDAG’s commitment to broadening its ecosystem and empowering its community. The BlockDAG team remains focused on ongoing enhancement and is excited about future updates and breakthroughs. The forthcoming Blockchain Explorer is set to redefine functionality and user engagement within the platform.

BlockDAG: A Beacon of Innovation in Crypto 

BlockDAG’s relentless upgrades, exemplified by Dev Release 48, have significantly boosted the X1 Miner Beta App’s functionality, addressing key connectivity issues and enhancing user interaction. This meticulous focus on user needs has propelled the presale’s success, manifesting in an unprecedented 1120% rise in BDAG coin value from Batch 1 to 18, including a notable 120% increase in the latest batch. BlockDAG’s unwavering pursuit of excellence continues to shape its trajectory as a leader in the cryptocurrency market.

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