Bitcoin of America, Mayor Suarez Laud Women in Crypto

Bitcoin of America, Mayor Suarez Laud Women in Crypto
  • Bitcoin of America sent its all-female executive team to the Bitcoin 2022 conference.
  • Mayor Suarez was amazed how Bitcoin of America promotes “women in the cryptocurrency industry.”
  • The company was encouraging women who are getting into the crypto space.

Bitcoin of America, a popular virtual currency exchange, is announcing its return to Bitcoin 2022 in Miami. Last year at Bitcoin 2021, Bitcoin of America graced headlines for promoting females in the cryptocurrency space. 

The company, which encourages women in the crypto industry, will be back this year and bring even more of its female team, together with its top women executives.

According to the press release, Miami Mayor Francis Suarez, who spoke last year at the Bitcoin 2021 conference, is greeting the all-women team from Bitcoin of America this year. Suarez showed his great support for Bitcoin and its essence in the rising tech hub in Miami.

In a conversation with Alice Gorodetsky, Bitcoin of America’s Director of Business Development, Suarez said:

“I am excited that Miami is hosting the largest Bitcoin conference for the second year. We don’t see very often promoting women in the cryptocurrency industry, and it’s refreshing to see a top operator like Bitcoin of America sending its all-female executive team.” 

BTM operator Bitcoin of America provides quick and easy transactions with top-notch customer support on the side. At the moment, Bitcoin of America handles 2,000 Bitcoin ATMs across the United States.

Last year’s Bitcoin 2021 conference in Miami, the company was dominated by male employees and executives. Alice Gorodetsky, Samantha Miller, and Jenna Polinsky are among the few female attendees of the previous iteration. They expressed astonishment at how few women they saw in the space. Hence, their desire to motivate more women to join the industry and to seek additional female team members. 

Bitcoin of America keeps on sending its female executive members to conferences, expos, and other crypto-related events. In fact, the company even disclosed that most of its top-ranking members are women. Specifically, positions include Chief Operating Officer, Director of Marketing, Operations Manager, Director of Business Development, and Director of Agent Locations. 

The Bitcoin 2022 conference currently happening at the Miami Beach Convention Center from April 6-9. Bitcoin of America is at the conference along with its female executive team members.

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