Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Will Outperform Other Technologies

  • A chart on Twitter compared Bitcoin’s technology to other technologies. 
  • The chart explains how new Bitcoin technology is in comparison to other technologies. 
  • It highlights the high potential of Bitcoin technology and incites thoughts of its possibilities.

An interesting observation led to a sparking discussion on crypto Twitter. In detail, Bitcoin Magazine shared a graph on Twitter that led to a conversation about the speed at which Bitcoin and its technology would and is being adopted. 

As we can see from the graph in the tweet, Bitcoin Magazine draws attention to how new Bitcoin (BTC) is in terms of technology. In fact, it highlights how Bitcoin (BTC) just got started, it is barely just over a decade old. 

In detail, the chart marks technologies that have come to be since the year 1900. It goes on to stretch till the year 2010. To specify, the technologies begin with telephone, electricity, cars, radio, refrigerator, and television. 

It continues on with air travel, color TV, credit card, microwave, and video games. The latest of these technologies include PC, cell phone, internet, digital camera, mp3 player, HDTV, social media, smartphone, and tablet. 

Finally, the chart introduces Bitcoin (BTC). Indeed, when put into this perspective, Bitcoin (BTC) is certainly extremely new to our world. Looking at how far the other technologies have come since their inception, we can only imagine where Bitcoin (BTC) will take us in the near and far future. 

In response to the tweet, there are many who share their insights. For instance, one in particular stands out when it points out how the first smartphone came out just a couple of years before Bitcoin, yet it has accomplished much more. 

To retaliate, another response rightfully calls out this accusation with fair comparison. Specifically, it points out how smartphones were not the first of its kind as cell phones have been around for decades. Similarly, Bitcoin should be compared in such a manner.  

No doubt, Bitcoin (BTC) came as an answer that could solve many problems for our modern world. However, on how and when it will do so, the jury is still out. We will simply have to wait and see how the world will evolve as Bitcoin (BTC) adoption grows further. 

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