Binance CEO Says the Priority Is Global Financial Inclusion

Binance CEO Says the Priority Is Global Financial Inclusion
  • Binance CEO tweets about elevating financial inclusion.
  • He says Binance aims to expand global financial inclusion.
  • Crypto is the best solution to do so.

The CEO of Binance — Changpeng Zhao (CZ), highlights the importance of global financial inclusion via a tweet. So far, traditional finance has failed to deliver on providing its services to a big part of the world.

It is a fact that many in the world are still unbanked due to required banking requirements. Crypto came to solve this exact problem. In particular, Bitcoin (BTC) aims to offer financial freedom for all.  

In CZ’s tweet, the CEO highlights how a significant part of many countries across the globe have unbanked adults. This is indeed a result of the lack of financial freedom in these areas. Thus, CZ suggests the crypto world would be a great solution to this issue. 

As seen in the tweet, “Let’s increase financial inclusion with crypto”, is the message he adds to the banking data provided by The Global Findex. This tweet received many encouraging responses. 

For instance, one user draws light to how simply owning a phone would mean being the owner of one’s own crypto bank. The user also provides statistics one how the vast global majority owns a smartphone, thus making the process achievable. 

Meanwhile, some responses say that only Bitcoin would be able to provide this financial freedom. Others chime in with altcoins that could also do the same. 

Presently, the price of Binance’s native currency BNB is $318.01 with a total market cap of $53,442,519,567. Recently, Binance set its foundation in crypto wall street Dubai, UAE. 

Following this, Binance also announced continuous partnerships so the brand will continue to deliver on its promises. Indeed, it looks like Binance is more than ready to provide new opportunities to the world with the power of crypto and blockchain. 

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