Binance Bets on TikTok to Spread the Web3 Word With Khaby Lame

  • Binance announces a famous TikTok user as their brand ambassador.
  • The TikTok personality in Khaby Lame, he will help educate the masses on crypto.
  • Soon, exclusive Khaby Lame NFTs will be available.

The popular crypto exchange — Binance, announces a very intriguing partnership with a TikTok star. In detail, the platform has just made TikTok user — Khaby Lame, its brand ambassador. 

To highlight, the Italian-Senegalese TikTok content creator will be one of Binance’s new faces and spokesperson on the social media platform. The star went viral with his TikTok videos. Specifically, he is known for his ‘Khaby move’.

Khaby Lame will represent Binance as their global ambassador. Together, Binance intends to spread the word of Web3 to increase adoption and awareness via the TikTok star. Certainly, TikTok is not a new space for the crypto industry. 

So far, TikTok has been home and has acted as a platform for crypto campaigns and crypto scams alike. With a trusted face on the platform on their side, Binance has made a smart move in choosing their ambassadors and partners. 

After all, just about a week ago, Binance announced its partnership with famous football player — Christiano Ronaldo. From that partnership, Ronaldo is set to release numerous NFT collections on Binance. 

As for this new partnership with Khaby Lame, Binance is hoping to drive crypto education. More so, together, they are hoping to launch exclusive Khaby Lame NFT collections as well. Besides this, they aim to debunk crypto and Web3 myths whilst pushing growth in the industry as well as the Binance ecosystem. 

In particular, Khaby became infamous for his unique spin on life-hack videos. He introduced navigating complicated incidents without dispelling a word and by simply doing the ‘Khaby move’. It is this signature style that Binance believes will aid them in further driving the industry to all corners of the globe. 

Khaby Lame fans will also enjoy an enhanced experience when Binance will release his exclusive NFTs. No doubt, the industry is eagerly awaiting the duo’s take on destroying existing crypto misconceptions in the eyes of the general public. 

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