Beauty Mogul Rihanna Makes Metaverse Move With Fenty

Beauty Mogul Rihanna Makes Metaverse Move With Fenty
  • Nine-time Grammy-winning sensation — Rihanna enters the metaverse. 
  • She filed a trademark application for her beauty empire — Fenty.
  • This move came right after the news about an IPO for Savage X Fenty.

Interest in the metaverse continues to grow as Grammy-winning sensation — Rihanna makes a move to signal her interest in the metaverse. In particular, this move does not pertain to her music career, but rather, her beauty empire — Fenty. 

Trademark attorney — Josh Gerben tweets that Rihanna filed a new trademark application. In detail, her application indicates her intention to offer ‘virtual’ cosmetics as well as hair products under the FENTY banner. 

What’s more, Rihanna is also said to be eyeing an IPO for Savage X Fenty at a possibly high $3 billion in value. Now with this trademark filing for Fenty, it seems to be clear that she plans to take Fenty to the metaverse.  

To specify, the nine-time Grammy winner and beauty mogul filed the trademark via Roraj Trade LLC. This comes from trademark attorney Josh Gerben of Gerben Law, as we can see from the article in the tweet above. 

Adding on, the filed application pertains to many features. For instance, it includes downloadable virtual goods. Specifically, for computer games that will feature makeup, cosmetics, accessories, haircare, skincare, hair coloring products and accessories, soaps, perfumes, and more. All of these will be used in an online virtual world.   

Also part of the filing is the presence of a retail store service that features goods for online use as virtual merchandise, entertainment services, and mobile applications. To highlight, the trademark will cover non-downloadable virtual goods as well. 

These include digital art, videos, photographs, audio recordings, and much more. It could also include non-fungible tokens (NFTs). So far, Rihanna has succeeded in every venture she decided to take on. Suffice to say, the metaverse will likely be her next success story. 

So far, many brands have been jumping into the metaverse. Truly, it seems to be a space of unlimited possibilities and many are eager to discover its potential. It will be exciting to see which brand will dip into the metaverse next.  

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