Axie Infinity Conducts Lunacian Summer Breeding Event

  • Axie Infinity announced a new summer breeding event.
  • Users can breed limited-edition summer skins and newly introduced ‘Shiny skins’.
  • Lunacian Summer is in progress, breeding automation will be banned for the duration of the event.

Axie Infinity announced a new breeding event called Lunacian Summer, where users are able to breed limited edition ‘summer skins’ for the next 50 days via sweaty Axie breeding.

According to the announcement post, there will be two new features that the Axie Infinity team has added in this breeding event: Breeding formulas would require mixing of two genes, and adding of shiny parts that will lay out an extra challenge for the breeders in the community.

For a chance to acquire summer parts, breeders must need two specific body parts or genes. The combination of these parts had a specific percentage chance to breed a summer part.

The advantage of these summer parts includes the combination of stats from the combined parts and a limited-edition skins. The specific body parts, along with its corresponding summer part and percentage chance to breed was shown in the image below:


When a summer skin is bred, there’s a 1% chance for it to have a shiny feature. An Axie bred with 6/6 summer skins will get a higher chance up to 5% to have a shiny feature. Yet, this feature was not inheritable.

Meanwhile, the comment section has received mixed replies coming from different Twitter users. Some users are excited about the event, but some shared negative thoughts on how this event would flop. A Twitter user named @Consultajo said they should have started burning SLP instead or the breeding event must have been released the same time as origin was globally launched.

The announcement has caused a slight increase to the tokens of the game. The value of SLP, the in-game reward token, increased at $0.003881, up 7.47% over the past 24 hours according to CoinMarketCap. The price of AXS also increased up to $13.31, up 4.04% in the last 24 hours.

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