462B BitTorrent Old Now Burned. Here’s How to Swap to New BTT

462B BitTorrent Old Now Burned. Here's How to Swap to New BTT
  • More than 462 billion of BTTOLD has been burned.
  • The figure is almost 50% of the total supply of BTTOLD, which is 990 billion.
  • BTTOLD holders can swap their tokens into new BTT by visiting here.

More than 462 billion of the old iteration of BitTorrent (BTTOLD) have been burned in exchange for the new BitTorrent (BTT). This is almost 50% of the total supply of BTTOLD.

For those who may not be aware yet, BitTorrent has launched its own blockchain BitTorrent Chain. Appropriately, BitTorrent Chain has minted a new BTT that runs on its network. Consequently, the network is urging owners of the old version of BTT to swap it into the new version.

BitTorrent Chain assured network participants that the value of their BTT holding will not decrease, although the number of tokens have significantly increased.

How to Swap from Old BTT (BTTOLD) to New BTT

For those who want to swap their old BTT into the new token, here’s how:

  • Check if your BTT redenomination is supported by exchanges. If yes, then you don’t need to do anything. If not, then you can send the tokens to TronLink wallet.
  • At the TronLink wallet website, check the tabs and click Swap BTT. Here’s also the link for your convenience: https://wallet.bt.io/swap
  • Connect your MetaMask wallet to TronLink.
  • Enter the amount of BTTOLD that you want to swap to the new BTT. It’s best to swap all since BitTorrent will be fully supporting and utilizing the new BTT.
  • Confirm the swap request in your wallet.

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