1inch (1INCH) Price Prediction 2023: Is $30 EOY Price Possible?


Important: This 1inch (1INCH) price prediction for 2023 is purely based on the writer’s knowledge in technical analysis alone. Price analysis articles of other platforms may use different technical analysis signals and indicators that may influence their 1inch price forecast outcome differently. Hence, we strongly suggest doing your own research before buying 1inch.

Despite the ongoing bearish market, DeFi continues to rock the crypto space with its technology. As a result, traders and investors in the DeFi ecosystem keep receiving rewards over time while holding their assets simultaneously. This type of investment has been very popular nowadays due to the high market volatility.

1inch (1INCH) is one of the projects in the space that provides high rewards to all its stakers in the network. In addition, all its network investors can benefit from the multi-asset swap that the platform provides.  

With all these features that the network possesses, do you think 1inch (1INCH) is a good asset in 2023? Before we proceed to our 1inch (1INCH) price prediction 2023, let us first answer the question “what is1inch (1INCH)?”

What is 1inch (1INCH)?

1inch is a crypto network that utilized blockchain technology. It has a decentralized exchange – 1inch. The DEX provides its users with the best crypto price deals to choose from. In this way, traders can maximize their profit potential while enjoying the high security provided by the DEX. Furthermore, 1inch is one of the fastest growing networks in the space.

Now that we have an idea about what is 1inch (1INCH), let’s take a look at its market standing. 

1inch (1INCH) Overview (At the time of writing)

Cryptocurrency1inch (1INCH)
Market Capitalization$366,524,423
Total Supply1,500,000,000
Trading Volume$56,139,016
All-Time High$8.65
All-Time Low$0.373690

1inch (1INCH) Price Prediction 2023


As seen in the chart above, 1inch (1INCH) suffered a massive price dip over the past months with over -40% decline rate. Currently, 1INCH trades below $1 per crypto, a bearish position. This trend of the crypto recorded a massive decline rate of nearly -80% in the past 12 months. 

Despite this massive breakout, the crypto is still above its support level of $.40. If the crypto is able to pull itself away from its recent position and break the resistance level of $0.56, 1INCH may have the change to surge and reach the bullish price of nearly $0.70. If it does, the path going to the skyrocketing price of $1 will come to light, a price level that will surely excite its investors in the platform.  


Meanwhile, in the 1-day time frame, the MACD of the crypto continues its bullish escape over the signal indicator. In short, there is a big chance that the price of 1inch may experience bullish signals. However, if the MACD begins to cross the signal indicator, it will be a different story and the price of the crypto may decline.


On the other hand, last year, 1INCH successfully recorded a skyrocketing growth rate of over +4000% in the first quarter of 2021. If the 1inch is able to create another price pump over +4000% today, the price of 1INCH may reach the bullish price of over $24 per crypto. Obviously, this skyrocketing price will only happen if the bullish market favors the crypto.

Market Prediction for 1inch (1INCH) Price 2023

Digital Coin

Digitalcoin is one of the trusted names in the crypto world, as the firm claims. This is because it has already established accurate crypto analysis and the latest news stories over time. For this reason, the 2023 forecast of Digitalcoin for 1inch amounts to $1.06.

Wallet Investor

By using their latest technical analysis, the platform updates its network prices and predictions every three minutes. For this reason, the 1-year forecast of Wallet Investor for 1inch amounts to $0.080.

Market Prediction for 1inch (1INCH) Price 2024, 2025, 2026 and 2027

1inch (1INCH) price prediction 2024 is up to $1.25 (estimated)

1inch (1INCH) price prediction 2025 is up to $1.75 (estimated)

1inch (1INCH) price prediction 2026 is up to $2.19 (estimated)

1inch (1INCH) price prediction 2027 is up to $2.19 (estimated)


1inch (1INCH) continues to gain popularity among traders and investors in the crypto space. Therefore, the conclusion for the 1inch price prediction in 2023 amounts from $30 to $40 before the end of the year. However, this forecast still depends on how the market will treat 1inch in the future.


Is 1inch (1INCH) a good investment?

1inch (1INCH) is one of the leading DeFi networks in the crypto space nowadays. Through this, we can say that 1inch has the potential to be a good investment in the next months of the year.

Will 1inch (1INCH) prices go up?

The price status of 1inch depends on many different factors, one of which is the current market situation. If 1inch is able to invite more traders and stakers to the platform, there is a big chance that the price of 1inch will go higher.

Why is 1inch going down?

The crypto market is very unpredictable due to volatility. Any crypto in the space cannot evade these wild market swings of the market. One factor to consider is the massive dumping of tokens made by the whales in the 1inch network, an event that is very uncontrollable.

How to buy 1inch?

The 1inch (1INCH) crypto is one of the most iconic projects in the space. The Binance exchange is one of the famous crypto exchanges supporting 1inch crypto.

Is 1inch Crypto?

Yes, 1inch is a crypto that uses blockchain technology.

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